Aerial view of 44 Farms barns

44 Farms

Registered Angus Operation in Texas
Largest Registered Angus Operation in the US

Though the first cattle weren’t emblazoned with the 44 logo until 1909, 44 Farms has deep roots in Milam County. In 1872, the McClaren family settled down in the rich land of the bottoms of Little River. The son S.W. McClaren, who was only three at the time, continued the family’s pioneering spirit and became a leader in the development of new agricultural practices.

The farm’s current Angus operation began in 2003 with 60 registered Angus cows and has grown exponentially, with Angus genetics sold into nearly every state and ranches around the world. 

““We want people to know where their food comes from. We call it the 44 Farms “Know Your Rancher” program. The more people know about us, the more confident they will be in the quality and wholesomeness of our beef and they will see firsthand our commitment to being responsible stewards of the land and cattle that God created.” ”
Bob McClaren, President & CEO

Continually Growing

The company has continued to diversify its operation with, an online source for all-natural USDA Prime and Choice steaks, which are now served in more than 100 restaurants in Texas. 44 Farms has added another branch on the McClaren business tree with McClaren Farms beef.  McClaren Farms beef is sold in select Walmart stores.  The 44 Farms | McClaren Farms corporate headquarters is located in a beautifully renovated building in downtown Cameron.

Aerial view of 44 Farms barns
Aerial view of the 44 Farms pasture with cows

Here to Stay

44 Farm’s entrepreneurial and community spirit fully embody the values of Cameron. The company is committed to serving and bettering the local community by helping others through its mission to provide a better and more beautiful world in which to live, work, and enjoy.