Street view of a house

Housing & Cost of Living

Whether you’re in the market for a historic home, a quiet neighborhood, acreage and farmland in the Texas countryside, or want to build your dream home, Cameron offers a number of affordable options when it comes to housing.

Affordability and Low Cost of Living

In comparison to other desirable locations in the Texas Triangle, Cameron has a much lower cost of living. Highly affordable housing prices and low commute times make the city a great place for families and individuals to live and work. 

Minutes Average Commmute Time
Medium Home Value

Overall Cost of Living Index 76.6 (US Average of 100)

  • 48.8%     Less than Austin

  • 13.4%     Less than College Station

  • 8.6%     Less than Temple

$130,000 - Cameron Median Home Cost

  • $551,200    Austin

  • $269,600    College Station

  • $208,500    Temple

*Stats are from