Aerial of Cameron, TX downtown

Utilities & Infrastructure

From affordable, reliable utilities to a city and EDC that works to ensure a well-maintained infrastructure, Cameron is well-equipped to serve your business.


Texas’ deregulated energy market is highly beneficial to consumers, providing businesses with competitive and negotiable rates, along with the ability to choose the retail electric provider that best meets their needs.

Oncor Electric maintains and delivers electric service in Cameron. As the largest energy delivery company in Texas, Oncor is invested in the economic growth of the communities it serves and works to attract new jobs, more companies, and diverse industries to Texas.

Water/Wastewater & Garbage

Water and Wastewater services are provided by the City of Cameron, with water sourced from Little River. As the city is committed to improving the quality of life for residents, improvements are underway at the Cameron wastewater treatment plant, with rehabilitation and new construction (phase I) and plants to refurbish and rebuild the existing plant on site (phase II).  Water and wastewater rates are maintained with City ordinances on City fees are found in Appendix A.

City garbage collection is provided by Waste Connections.


Safe, reliable gas service is provided to Cameron businesses and residents by Atmos Energy, the country’s largest natural gas-only provider. Atmos Energy is committed to investing in safety, innovation, and environmental sustainability in the communities it serves.

Phone, TV, & Internet

Telephone service in Cameron is provided through AT&T, with multiple internet, phone, and TV service providers, including reliable, high-speed fiber optics.

  • AT&T DSL

  • ZitoMedia

  • Viasat Internet 

  • HughesNet

  • ZochNet, (fiber Project)


Cameron continuously works to improve the city. Recent and current improvement projects include collection (main) repair or replacement and new treatment plant including headworks, digester rehabilitation and chlorination/dechlorination; new sludge handling system; and upgrades to existing lift stations.