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Some of the best time you can invest is the time you spend planning your business. Putting the facts and figures on "paper" helps provide the valuable information and data needed to evaluate the business opportunities and is essential for seeking business funding.

There are a number of good business plan guides on the internet.  We suggest that you review a few and find one that best meets your business and personal needs. Here are a few options for consideration:

  • www.sba.gov - not only will you find business plan guidance at sba.gov you will also find many other resources for developing and establishing your new business.
  • The website bPlans www.bplans.com is a good resource for Business Plan templates and guidelines.
  • Texas Business Advisor - from the Brazos Valley Small Busienss Development Center.  Consider also the Texas Roadmap to Starting a Business also found on the Texas Business Advisor site.

Talk to an Advisor

For personal help with your business plan. The Small Business Administration Development Center (SBDC) in Bryan, Texas. The Bryan, Texas location serves the Cameron area. SBDC representatives will set meetings in Cameron for your convenience. To make an appointment with an SBDC representative contact the Cameron economic development office at talkcameron@cameronindustrialfoundation.com or contact the Brazos Valley SBDC, Bryan office at 979-260-5222.

Brazos Valley SBDC, Bryan
College Station
4001 East. 29th St.
Bryan, TX 77802