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Electric Energy Delivery: Oncor Electric Delivery
Reliability: 99.966%
Transmission Voltage: 69 KV
Service Voltage: 120/208 120/240 240/480 277/480
Natural Gas: Atmos Energy
BTU Content Per Cubic Foot: 1,050
Telephone Service: AT&T
Digital: Yes
Analog: Yes
Electromechanical: No
Make and Model: DMS 100-100 Remote
Software Level: LEC 14
Fiber Optics: Yes
Switched 56 KBPS: Yes
High Capacity Digital (T-1): Yes
Digital Data Service: Yes
911: Yes
Other Services: AT&T DSL; Farm to Market Internet Service - Dialup, Wireless Broadband
Water Supplier: City of Cameron
Source: Little River
Max. System Capacity (daily): 4,200,000 gallons
Max. Daily Use To Date: 3,000,000 gallons
Pressure on Mains: 65 – 72 PSI
Storage Capacity: 2,800,000 gallons
Size of Mains: 6” – 12”
System Looped: Yes
Projects Under Const.: None
Sewer System:  
Type Treatment Plant: Aerobic (activated sludge plant)
Maximum Capacity: 1,600,000 gallons
Max. Daily Use To Date: 960,000 gallons
Projects Under Const.: None