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Advanced Manufacturing

Businesses in the Advanced Manufacturing sector and seeking a site with the following characteristics: a workforce with ready access to advanced manufacturing training and wages below the state average; reliable and cost effective power; and, housing costs below the state average then we invite you to take a closer look at Cameron. It may seem counter intuitive to locate in rural Texas; however, we believe Cameron can fulfill your needs in a new advanced manufacturing location, in a community with strong work ethics; unexpectedly, good transportation infrastructure with US Highway 77 (north and south) and US 190 (east /west) and access to BNSF for rail service needs.

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Back Office / Administration

Back Office and Administrative work spans the major Cameron-based employers and provides a natural base of trained employees from which to build.  Your Back Office operation will draw from the pool of existing employees who are ready to step into clerical, back office and administrative roles.

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Specialty Agriculture

Cameron and Milam County have significant strengths in the agriculture sector. For example, Milam County’s proportion of farm employment per 1,000 residents is about 10 times the U.S. average (84.4 compared to 8.5). A prime example of the agricultural specialization is Ideal Poultry, which offers hundreds of unique breeds of poultry and is the largest supplier of backyard poultry in the U.S.  Or 44 Farms and 44 Steaks the largest register Angus beef producer in the State of Texas. 

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Magnet Development

Texas is a uniquely robust state with impressive population growth. The majority of population growth exists in and around major population centers. Why is this significant? It is significant as it creates a desire for families to exit the metropolitan for weekend retreats and exploration.Tourism industry data tell us that people travel to:

  • Participate and / or watch amateur and professional sports at The Yards of Cameron
  • Fitness and recreational sports
  • Historical research, Museums and historical sites
  • Nature exploration
  • Agriculture tourism

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