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Ginger Watkins

Get ready to roll out the welcome mat to a new manufacturing company that will open its doors for production in April.  

United Portable Buildings acquired the building in the Cameron Industrial Park which sits on the southwest corner of Industrial Boulevard and Old Waco Highway. Many Cameronites know the building as the old Wall Lake Door building.   

United Portable Buildings will be producing portable buildings at the facility. They expect to employ 15 people in production and a small front office staff. 

“It is not often that small cities have the opportunity to welcome a new manufacturer,” Executive Director of the Cameron Industrial Foundation Ginger Watkins said. “In fact, statistics show that a small city might expect one new manufacturing employer every 10 plus years. This is Cameron’s second new manufacturing company in less than two years. Livestock Nutrition Center opened the end of 2017.”

Watkins said she has learned a couple of things about economic development over the years. 

“One, if you don’t have what a company needs in terms of location, real estate, workforce, suppliers, utilities etc. then the project isn’t going to take root,” she said. “It’s a basic concept – if it doesn’t fit you can’t force it. That doesn’t mean we don’t need to be innovative to address and remove barriers wherever and whenever possible. And two, all things happen in their time.”

In the case of United Portables everything just lined up, as Watkins said this region lacks readily available manufacturing buildings. 

“In this case, we were extremely fortunate that Butler Weldments had a building they were interested in selling to enable them to achieve new business goals,” Watkins said. “In the end, Cameron is blessed to welcome United Portable Buildings to our community and Butler Weldments is positioned to achieve their business goals. This is a good news message in more ways than one. I am thankful for the partnership of Butler Weldments and excited to work with the United Portable Building team.”

“We are looking forward to ramping up quickly with production in Cameron and look forward to being part of the community,” Kevin Chavarria, United Portables Operations Director said. 

United Portable Buildings corporate office is in Temple. United Portable Buildings’ first plant is in Mississippi and now they are expanding in Texas. Find details on United Portable Buildings LLC at www.goupb.com.