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Ginger Watkins

EBCO General Contractor, Ltd. – Bringing Small Town Values Nationwide

EBCO General Contractors HQ






Being from Cameron, EBCO General Contractor knows the value of great customer service and this has allowed them to be successful not just locally but nationwide.

Far from being a disadvantage, getting their start in Cameron has given EBCO General Contractor a solid foundation on which to build their company. Cameron's central location has allowed them to take on multiple projects around the state from Houston to El Paso and its small town values have kept them focused on the importance of providing great customer service. That hasn't gone unnoticed among their clients.

EBCO General Contractor builds both commercial and industrial buildings from hotels and hospitals to restaurants and distribution centers. They started locally, expanded state-wide and then nationwide, all at the request of clients. They have worked across the country from Washington to Florida, including Ohio, Arizona and Utah. John Egger, president of the company, said that a lot of their success comes from providing great customer service which has enabled their company to grow by word of mouth. Egger added, “the success of any business ultimately comes from providing great customer service. To us, the keys to great customer service are to do everything in a way that shows you have the best interests of your client at heart and to be a likeable and enjoyable group of people to work with. We believe that is a good recipe for recommendations and repeat/negotiated work.”

The company may have gone nationwide, but they haven't forgotten where they came from. Recently, they built a new office in Cameron and while there was talk of moving, they knew they couldn't leave the town that had given them so much. Egger noted that in the future they may have satellite offices in cities that they have a lot of work in, like Seattle or Denver, but emphasized that Cameron will always be their home base.

"I think Cameron is a great central location to a lot of fantastic cities-Waco, Temple/Belton, Austin, Bryan/College Station and beyond that – Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio We're kind of in the middle of it all, and we can be part of a lot of good things," said Egger. “Cameron is full of great people…helpful, honest, and Cameron heritage is full of people that made world-class impacts. That is what we would like to do – world class construction done with small town values.”

In much the way that the city has been a foundation for EBCO General Contractor, the company has been honored to build many of the structures that are the foundation for the community of Cameron including the high school and primary school, courthouse, city hall, law enforcement center and baseball fields. Projects that Egger said that they are thankful the city allowed them to work on.

"Being in Cameron and from Cameron made us realize that we have social responsibility and to remember who's helped us along the way. Cameron has been great to us!" said Egger.

Visit EBCO General Contractors at www.ebcogc.com.