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Ginger Watkins

New Business in Downtown Cameron, Chelle’s Antiques and Décor, LLC

“There is very little that is more exciting as a Mayor than to welcome a new business to town.  However, welcoming a new business that also beautifies downtown Cameron; brings fresh new ideas, and young people is really exciting!” said Cameron Mayor, Bill Harris.

Chelle’s Antiques and Décor will open its doors at 118 N. Houston Avenue, Cameron, Texas on Saturday, September 5, 2020. 

Chelle's Antiques and Decor, LLC  prides its brand on the preservation of the vintage American heart. The company was founded based on highly sought-after trends of antiques, the ever-growing culture of retail conservation, and the cutting edge of home beautification.

The business is owned by its founder Michelle Fiscella (Chelle!) and operated by Chelle and her family, having extensive appraising experience in buying, selling, and trading antiques, furniture, and home interior decorating. They offer a wide variety of antiques, home decor classics, beauty, and inspirational gifts.  Chelle’s Antiques and Décor, offers booth space for rent, too.

"Our shop is meant to provide each and every one a unique shopping experience, peppered with front porch like conversations with a full dose of down-home hospitality. In the current state, all things considered, health and well-being, the needs for small business growth should be on the rise. This will encourage and support shopping close to home, staying out of big cities and building upon at home, revitalizing of space, and synergy.” Said Michelle Fiscella (Chelle!).

Chelle and her husband Nick and their six children have owned many businesses including, restaurants and retail stores.  “You’ll love Chelle’s energy, creativity, and in-depth marketing and business knowledge.  She and her family are going to be a great complement to the businesses already in downtown.” Said, Melanie Reed, Cameron Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director.

Downtowns are changing across the nation.  Many cities and towns are seeing more downtown buildings being renovated with new visions and uses.  From retail to professional services (like accounting, engineering, and the like), to entertainment, and downtown living all coming together to create a blended, supportive, and vibrant downtown these are real trends. Trends that businesses like Chelle’s Antiques and Décor will help grow in Cameron.   “Cameron is blessed with businesses that give their hearts and souls in support of family and community -- Chelle’s Antiques and Décor will be a great addition to the spirit of Cameron”.  Ginger Watkins, Cameron Industrial Foundation, Executive Director.

“We love this sweet town and see so much potential” And that is why Chelle is bringing her youngest son, Dakotah, in to head up the ever-growing e-Commerce needs for businesses to thrive. Dakotah will also be offering estate sale services and overseeing our business website www.chellesantiquedecor.com and the many online channels that host our products.

Chelle Fiscella, added “Our brand is embedded by our family, our home, and community. We take pride in representing you”. 


The store will be open: Tuesday thru Friday 10 am-6 pm, Saturday 9 am-4 pm and closed Sunday and Monday.