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Cameron ISD and Butler Weldments Announce New Welding Internship Program

February 3, 2020

As part of the Career and Technical Education program at Cameron ISD, the school district and C.H. Yoe High School have entered into an internship agreement with Butler Weldment Corporation in Cameron where students in the Certified Welding Program at C.H. Yoe High School have an opportunity to apply for an internship with Butler Weldments. Students in the welding program will go on a tour of the facility at Butler Weldments.  Students will apply for the internship program and then be selected to go through an interview process with Butler Weldments staff before being selected for the program. This is a competitive program where only students who meet the qualifications of Butler Weldments will be admitted.

Through the internship program students will have the opportunity to work off campus at Butler Weldments daily to improve their craft as welders, hopefully leading to gainful employment for those interns after graduation from high school. Butler Weldments has in business since 1977 and is a trusted partner in the manufacturing of fabricated and machined metal parts located in the industrial complex in Cameron. Cameron ISD is extremely grateful to Butler Weldments for providing this opportunity to extend student’s learning in their chosen career field.


Butler Weldments & Cameron ISD Welding Internship

Cameron ISD Career and Technical Education Director, Kenny Driska (left) and Butler Weldments President, Steven Dobos