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Ginger Watkins

Cameron Business & Commercial District Façade Grant Program Re-Opens

The Cameron Economic Development Corporation (CEDC), City of Cameron and Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce that the Façade Grant program is again accepting applications for facade improvements on buildings in the Business and Commercial Districts of the City.


The application deadline is January 25, 2019 for this round of funding.  All businesses interested in making improvements to their building façade are encouraged to submit an application no later than January 25, 2019.


The program was established to assist existing businesses, along the highway and in the business district, with improvement to their building exteriors.  A fresh coat of paint, new windows, signs, awnings and more go a long way to telling customers that a business is a growing and going concern interested in creating a positive customer experience.  A fresh new look builds pride in our community and draws visitors in to shop and explore our city.  With exciting new investments coming to Milam County, there is no better time to take a fresh look at how a newcomer might perceive business -- is it welcoming, in good repair, easy to access?  Is it time for a fresh coat of paint or landscaping? Consider looking at your business from a newcomer point of view.  If your newcomer perspective tells you that a few changes are in order; then, make a plan, get estimates, and complete the Facade Grant Application.  


We hope that the Façade Grant Program will serve as “bootstrap” assistance for businesses to make exterior improvements.


Improvements which qualify for the Façade Grant include: store signage, lighting, awnings, windows, building fronts, entries, planters and other expenditures as approved by the Façade Grant Committee (FGC). The Façade Grant Program is a reimbursement program.  All awards will be issued upon completion and inspection of the improvements. Grants are available for up to 50% reimbursement.  Grant amounts will depend upon funding availability.


Grant applications are available through the Cameron Economic Development or Chamber of Commerce offices located at 102 East First Street or go to www.cameronindustrialfoundation.com for program details and the application.