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Tree lined shady streets welcome you to Cameron's neighborhood where each home is unique. You will find charming well tended older homes, restored historic homes and modern new homes blended together into a pleasing tapestry you will want to call home. Nearby schools, parks, shopping and dining make living in a Cameron neighborhood both convenient and relaxing as there is not hasty stressful commute.


The Milam County area has some of the lowest land prices in the Central Texas area. Moderate home prices and beautiful vistas makes Cameron and Milam County are great place to call home whether you are stating your family or thinking about your retirement home, you will find the acreage or home that meets your dreams at an affordable price.

Take a look at our local Real Estate Agents websites for some of the homes currently available in the area.


Kenneth Thweatt Real Estate
600 East 1st
Cameron, Texas 76520

MWatkins Real Estate Group
212 S. Houston Street
Cameron, Tx 76520