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Finding the right location starts with finding the right Zone for your business. The City of Cameron has a pyramid zone structure. This means that in the most flexible zone (Industrial), that all types of structures allowable in preceeding zones can be built in the industrial zone. Conversely, the most restrictive zone, Single Family Residence only allows single family homes. 

In general, the Business District, Commercial and Industrial Zones are zones where business are located. For details on allowable businesses in the defined zones see the Cameron Zoning Ordinance. If you have questions on the zoning ordinance contact the Code Office at Cameron City Hall (254) 697-6646.

City of Cameron Zones

  • R1 - Residential (single family homes)
  • R2 - Residential (Multifamily Residential District)
  • R3 - Residential (Multifamily Residential District)
  • B - Business
  • C - Commercial
  • M - Industrial

See City Zoning for definition of qualified structures in each zone. City of Cameron Ordinances and Zones are maintained on Franklin Legal Publishing "Codes Online". The following steps will assist you in navigating to the City Zoning information.

Hints for Navigating

  1. From the left Column A—F
  2. From the list of Cities presented, CLICK on the folder icon next to "Cameron"
  3. From the list of documents under Cameron, CLICK on the folder icon next to "Chapter 14 Zoning"
  4. From the tool bar CLICK "next doc >". Continue to CLICK "next doc " until you see the document title "Exhibit A Zoning Ordinance".
  5. Scroll down the document to see the description for each Zone.


After determining the appropriate zone for your business you now have the information needed to identify potenial sites in the appropriate zone that meet your business needs.

The Cameron Economic Development Office can help with identifying availableproperty that meet your business requirements.

The Cameron Economic Development Corporation has land available in the Cameron Businesss Park and the Cameron Industrial Park. Information on these two site can be found on the Property page or by calling (254) 482-1119.

Information on existing commercial buildings can be found at the Properties. Each listing under Properties contains the contact information for the property. If you are interested in working directly with a real estate agent you may wish to contact one of the agencies in town: