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The Cameron Economic Development Team

The Cameron Economic Development team is comprised of the Cameron Industrial Foundation; the Cameron Economic Development Corporation; the Economic Development Executive Director; as well as the City of Cameron.

Our Staff

Ginger Watkins
Cameron Industrial Foundation Executive Director

The Cameron Industrial Foundation Executive Director, Ginger Watkins, is your primary point of contact for economic development in Cameron. She will work with you to understand the needs of your business for a new or expanding location and be available to guide your project through to completion.

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Cameron Industrial Foundation

The Cameron Industrial Foundation (CIF) is a non–profit organization. This organization works with new and expanding businesses interested in establishing or growing their presence in Cameron.  Since 1964, the Industrial Foundation has been the first point of contact for all economic development needs.

Cameron Economic Development Corporation

The Cameron Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) is a public entity established under the authority of the City of Cameron to administer an economic development sales tax known as a “Type B” sales tax.  The CEDC contracts with the Cameron Industrial Foundation to market and promote Cameron economic development.

City of Cameron

The City of Cameron is an active and essential partner in business attraction and retention
As a team we work to address the needs of your project in Cameron, Texas.